NailSnaps: Cosplay For Your Nails


NailSnaps, a brilliant new app that will allow you to turn your pictures into custom nail polish stickers, has the potential to be a fantastic tool for cosplayers and fashionable geeks alike. Currently a Kickstarter project that ends tomorrow, it’s less than $1k shy of its goal!

Check after the cut to see some of the fun I had using their nail template to experiment with the possibilities that could be had once this project is live. I love the idea of being able to highlight parts of my favorite costumes or fandoms and featuring them on my nails!

nailsnapsgeekahsokaAhsoka Tano LekkunailsnapsgeekdashRainbow Dash Wig

nailsnapsgeekdiceD20 Dice Pile

nailsnapsgeekhobbitStansborough Cloak Material

nailsnapsgeeklokiLoki Bunny Corset Detailing

The Spoonflower of nail stickers, I can’t wait to see what NailSnaps can do for the future of geek fashion and style, especially once they’re able to offer a marketplace where you buy designs made by other people.

Be sure to contribute now to help them make their Kickstarter goal. Right now the app is only designed for iOS, but their stretch goal will put additional funding into developing the Android version sooner.

You can follow NailSnaps on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

What makes you excited about this new app?

(All photos belong to their respective owners. Photographer credits include: Preston Mack, Leonard Lee, Greg De Stefano, Britt Dietz, Jason Nishi)

(Disclaimer: Set to Stunning is not responsible for the quality of merchandise or your satisfaction. We have no affiliation or connection to Nail Snaps and are not compensated for our recommendation.)

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