Day of the Doctor


As many of you know, this past Saturday marked the 50th anniversary of our favorite Doctor. With that came the special anniversary episode Day of the Doctor. Many of you viewed it Saturday simultaneously with other countries, or viewed it later through other means. However, if you haven’t seen the episode, you may want to turn away now since today’s post maybe have spoilers.

Her Universe already has some great Doctor who items, some of which will be available soon! So it’s no surprise that they also have items from the new episode. To see more, follow the cut!



Falls No More Pullover


Trio Crest Scoop Tee


Portrait Tee


Unit Tee


Galifrey Box Tee

Who checked out the episode this past Saturday? Did any of you go to the movie theater events?

(All images are the property of Her Universe)

(Disclaimer: Set to Stunning is not responsible for the quality of merchandise or your satisfaction.)

One comment on “Day of the Doctor

  1. Joie_Fatale says:

    Saw it on my Xbox, and then in theaters again Monday! I think the Monday showings alone made what, $4.8 million on Monday. That’s just the one day!!!
    I just hope the big-wigs here in the US DON’T do, what I think they will WANT to do…

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