Geek On Your Feet

Geek socks range from stylish, to fun, to silly, and everything in between. What they share in common is that they look awesome on our feet!


You can keep them subtle when worn with shoes and hidden under long pants, or you can flaunt your socks to the world when paired with a skirt. Whatever your geek style, there’s a sock for you! Today we’re sharing some of our favorite geek socks that you can find online or in stores.

Think Geek has a wide array of geeky sock, these are a few of our favorites:

f190_mens_star_wars_socks_grid f18c_ladies_star_wars_socks_grid

Star Wars Socks – I prefer calling them Ankle and Knee High style socks as opposed to Men and Women’ socks.


Star Trek Socks


Doctor Who Over The Knee and Knee High Socks

Hot Topic offers a range of geeky socks online and in stores:


Batman Fuzzy Socks


Marvel Avengers Socks


Doctor Who Ankle Socks

SuperHero Stuff has your superhero socks covered:

image-sockbatathletic-0-watermark   image-socksupathletic-0-watermark

Batman and Superman Athletic Knee High Socks


Batman and Superman Striped Knee High Socks


DC Superhero Logo Ankle Socks

80sTees offers these socks:


DC Superhero Socks


Bad Guy Nintendo Socks


One-Up Mushroom Socks, Multi-Mushroom or Striped

The rest of these socks were found on a variety of vendor websites:


Portal 2 Chell socks can be found Entertainment Earth and Jinx

Digital StillCamera

Gryffindor Socks


066010255860 066010701894

Tetris and Pac Man Socks

UWear_Batgirl-Figure-2-Pack--_Socks_135229775335 UWear_Batgirl-Logo-2-Pack--_Socks_13522977535

Batgirl Face and Logo Socks


Supergirl Face and Logo Socks

UWear_Wonderwoman-Face-2-Pack--_Socks_135229775331 UWear_Wonderwoman-ww-2-Pack--_Socks_135229775348

Wonder Woman Face and Logo Sock


Wonder Woman Over The Knee Socks

While it might seem like a long list, this is just a sampling of the massive variety of geeky socks to be had! While I find online to the best way to score geeky socks, brick-and-mortar stores like Walmart will occasionally carry geeky socks. We’d love to see how you incorporate geeky socks into your wardrobe – connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!

(All photos belong to their respective websites)

(Disclaimer: Set to Stunning is not responsible for the quality of merchandise or your satisfaction. We have no affiliation or connection to the companies linked to, and are not compensated for our recommendation.)

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