Help Me Black Milk, You’re My Only Hope!


The much anticipated third release of Black Milk‘s Star Wars collection will be available this Tuesday, December 11th at 2pm (AEST).


The pieces that will be available in their third release are:

  • Han and Chewie Leggings
  • Yoda and Luke Leggings
  • Storm Trooper Dress
  • Leia Dress
  • Star Wars Manga Dress
  • Star Wars Manga Swim
  • Frozen Solo Dress
  • Frozen Solo Leggings
  • Vader Comic Swimsuit


The Star Wars collection is just a partial list of new items to be released by Black Milk. You can view the full list here, but of particular note would be the Gamer Color Swims. Now your Gamer swim can match the color of your Gameboy!


Be sure to check out their Friday video for glimpses of some of their girls wearing the new pieces, it’s always a great way to see how it looks on a more normal body type, rather than on a model body type.


And remember, Black Milk gives their release dates/times for Australia. If you don’t know what time/day that equals to for your neck of the woods, they have a convenient countdown clock on their website, so you’ll know exactly when everything goes on sale!


Plus, Black Milk has extended their November Free Shipping to include December! That’s right, FREE SHIPPING on all orders for the month of December. Gift getting, for yourself or others, just got easier!


BIG REMINDER: Do not place orders over $200 in the US. You will likely get hit with customs fees. The free shipping makes it ideal right now to do a bunch of small orders under $200 so you can avoid this trouble.

I’m quite sure this is not the last Star Wars collection we’ll be anticipating. Word is that Black Milk is already working on new designs for future releases. You can be sure we’ll keep you apprised of all the latest whenever new information or images are released! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter.

(All photos belong to Black Milk)

(Disclaimer: Set to Stunning is not responsible for the quality of merchandise or your satisfaction. We have no affiliation or connection to Black Milk and are not compensated for our recommendation.)

2 comments on “Help Me Black Milk, You’re My Only Hope!

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