Stunning Style: Look #9


This week I’m on my way to Georgia for Dragon*con, which I like to refer to as a four day party con in costume. It’s pretty great! For a convention like Dragon*con where it’s possible (and probable) that you’ll spend most of your time hanging out and socializing, chic geek outfits are just the thing to change it up a little when you still want to be dressed up, without being in a full costume.

I’ve worn this Wonder Woman-themed ensemble out and about to a few evening gatherings and it’s been a pretty big hit. While it’s a bit on the bold side with the iconic Wonder Woman boots and eye-catching starred spandex leggings, the simple black top helps to keep it from being an over-the-top look.

Get This Look:

  • Top
      • This spandex butterfly style top has a variety of ways it can be worn. Usually it’s worn loose, and its open side and open arms make this a chic and rather sexy top. To keep it a look that could be worn during the day, or at least early evening, I belted it so I could accent my waist, and also bring in the sides and artificially keep them closed. This top is from Black Milk and comes in black and white.

  • Leggings
      • I’m a huge fan of leggings as a way to spice up a look and move away from using the standard pair of jeans for an outfit. While companies like Black Milk sell an amazing variety of unique leggings, leggings are a simple enough piece of clothing that you can whip up a pair for yourself! I’d been wanting to put together a Wonder Woman outfit, and after finding this star print in the LA Fashion District, it was a no brainer to make them into a pair of leggings.
      • You can also make your own unique print and make a pair of leggings from it with fabric printing places like FabricOnDemand.

  • Boots
      • Last year the French shoe company Andre released a licensed line of DC footwear inspired by Catwoman and Wonder Woman. I pretty much went crazy when I saw they had replicated the classic Lynda Carter boots of red suede and white leather. Very disappointingly these shoes were only available in Europe, and it was only thanks to a very, very wonderful friend overseas that I got my hand on a pair of these. I’m still hopeful they’ll eventually make these available to the US. It’s a huge shame these are not more readily available.
      • If you’re working on a Wonder Woman-inspired outfit of your own, any pair of knee-high red boots helps to get the idea across. You could also try adding on the white pieces to a pair of red boots with paint or fabric.

  • Accessories
      • The gold belt I’m wearing is actually from one of the makeup bag brush sets M.A.C. sold when they came out with their Wonder Woman makeup line a few years ago. When you brought a brush set, it came in a makeup pouch with a belt. I’ve always wanted to use that belt for an outfit, and when I was wanting to incorporate more gold into this outfit, I knew just the thing to use.
      • This Wonder Woman logo ring was a find I got on eBay. I wanted to have the iconic WW logo incorporated into the outfit in some way, and this was a fun, but subtle way to do so. nOir offers a few licensed Wonder Woman pieces.
      • It’s hard to see in these images, but I’m also wearing a pair of red earrings that Lindz got for me! Why these earrings? Because they’re awesome replicas of the Lynda Carter earrings. What’s great about these earrings is that their basic and common shape means only the biggest of Wonder Woman fans will even know they’re “special” earrings.

I saw some wonderful, original geeky outfits at Celebration last weekend, and I’ll be posting about that soon. The last few years of Dragon*con I’ve seen some truly great outfits, so I’ll be on the lookout this year and can’t wait to share what I find! If you wore a geek chic outfit at Celebration, or are going to wear one to Dragon*con, feel free to send us pictures of your outfits, or post them directly to our Facebook Page. We’d love to see your geek looks!

(Photos by Greg De Stefano)

2 comments on “Stunning Style: Look #9

  1. Anne Marie says:

    OMG! Loooooove this look!

    Guess it’s time to hunt down the pieces! (I especially love the top!!! It’s so versatile! It can be worn with leggings, jeans, skirts… the possibilities are endless!)

  2. Trude says:

    Love this look! Regular girl on top, geek girl on bottom. 😉 Easy to wear out while still paying homage is tougher than it looks, so internet high five!

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