DIY Friday: Simple Batman Hair Pins

I wanted to whip up something quick and easy for today’s DIY, and what better inspiration than The Dark Knight Rises! You can easily do this craft in about 30 minutes, and then wear your creation out to the movies.

Supplies Needed:

  • Sticky back glitter craft foam
  • Plain craft foam
  • Scissors
  • Bobby pins
  • Krazy glue

The first thing I did was draw out my templates. I wanted to create both a traditional Batman symbol and a Dark Knight inspired one.

Once the templates were cut out, I placed them on my glitter craft foam for size reference.

I then cut off a piece of craft foam, peeled off the backing and placed it onto my plain craft foam. The second layer helped to thicken the designs a bit and provide a good surface to attach my bobby pins.

One I had my pieces of craft foam placed together, I traced the designs onto the back using a gold marker so I could see the design. A gel pen would have worked equally as well.

After that, I cut out both designs and glued bobby pins to the back.

That’s it! You can easily do this for any type of design. I suggest checking out either Joann or Michaels for their selection of glitter craft foam.

What kind of design would you want to make? Something easy or maybe something a little more complicated? I admit, now that these are made, I kind of want to put together an outfit to go with them! Also, later today we’ll be posting our experience with the Geek Girl Trendsetters panel from Comic-Con.

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