Gold Bubble’s Black Friday Release


As mentioned in this post about the Comikaze Fashion Show, Gold Bubble Clothing has some great new designs just in time for Black Friday. A total of three collections will be debuting, and not only that, but they’ll be offering a discount code for 15%off. So click the cut so see all the new goodies!

Let’s start with the important stuff, the list!

ChristmasSweaterDressFront_1024x1024 UnionJackPonchoFront_1024x1024
Bored Skirt – Stretch Velvet Variant (LIMITED)
Christmas Sweater A-Line Dress (LIMITED)
Christmas Sweater Minidress (LIMITED)
Christmas Sweater Skirt (LIMITED)
Graffiti A-Line Dress
Graffiti Leggings
Graffiti Poncho Tank
Union Jack A-Line Dress
Union Jack Minidress
Union Jack Leggings
Union Jack Poncho Tank

ScaleMailFront1_1024x1024 D20PinkPonchoFront_1024x1024

Scale Mail A-Line Dress
Scale Mail Minidress
Scale Mail Leggings
Scale Mail Poncho Tank
D20 Pink Leggings
D20 Pink Poncho Tank
D20 Purple Leggings
D20 Purple Poncho Tank
D20 Red Leggings
D20 Red Poncho Tank

SnowQueenALineFront_1024x1024 CoronationSkirtFront_grande
Snow Queen A-Line Dress (HYPER LIMITED)
Coronation A-Line Dress (HYPER LIMITED)
Coronation Skirt (HYPER LIMITED)

10thElementRedLeggingsFront_1024x1024 Specialty.10thElement.White.Dress.3_1024x1024

10th Element Red Minidress (LIMITED)
10th Element Red Leggings (LIMITED)
10th Element White Minidress (LIMITED)
10th Element White Leggings (LIMITED)

The best part of the limited pieces is that they’re limited by days rather than total number of pieces.

LIMITED = Available until 12/31
HYPER LIMITED = Available until 12/1

And of course, we can’t forget that discount code. Use the code  GBYEAR1 for 15% off until 12/12.

For those concerned about getting your orders in time, if you order by 12/1 in the US, you’re guaranteed to get your order by 12/25. Not only that, but all back orders have been filled, so now is the time to buy if you’ve had your eye on a Gold Bubble piece!


For the new collection, click HERE. Which is your favorite new piece? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter!

(All images are the property of Gold Bubble Clothing.)

(Disclaimer: Set to Stunning is not responsible for the quality of merchandise or your satisfaction.)

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