Stunning Style: Look #35


I’m not a gamer, but boy do I love Tetris. This week’s look pays homage to a game from the good old days that is still played and loved by millions!

Look35FrontThe bold, fun colors of the Tetris blocks allows for easy accessorizing with colorful jewelry, shoes or additional clothing to accent one or more of the block colors. Be super geeky and chic with this look and enjoy a stylish night out on the town.

Get This Look:

Look35Left Look35Back Look35Right


  • Top
      • Simple tops go best with busily patterned leggings. And you can never go wrong with black! These loose, flowy styled tops can be found easily just about anywhere (I think I just hopped into a random girly store in the mall), and are flattering on many different body types. While these tops help keep an outfit looking classy and chic, you can trade it out for a simple tank-top to go for a more casual, but still stylish, look.


  • Leggings
      • The “Retro Gamer” (read: Tetris!) leggings from Black Milk is one of their early, unlicensed, geeky pieces. Super geeky, but totally super stylish, the bold color of the Tetris blocks make it easy to pair with similarly colored accessories, footwear and tops. To keep the focus on the Tetris pattern, I went with a black top. Unfortunately these are now one of their coveted Museum pieces, so if you want these leggings, you’ll need to scout eBay or the Black Milk Swap/Sell/Buy group on Facebook.


  • Shoes
      • I already had these shoes in my closet, from an old cosplay no less! If I don’t wear black shoes with my outfits, I always love to wear a pair of shoes that shares a color that is in the outfit. The bold bright yellow of these heels pairs perfectly with the yellow Tetris block color in the leggings.


  • Accessories
      • I can’t remember where I bought this necklace, but I purchased it because I deemed it to have a Star Trek vibe to it. The colors matched nicely with the Tetris block colors, and is a great way to fancy up the look. If you’re wearing a heavy/detailed necklace, it’s always good to go simple with the top.

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(Photos by Greg De Stefano)

One comment on “Stunning Style: Look #35

  1. Anders Mårtensson says:

    “Why so serious!” No but seriously, you have such a great smile!

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