We Do Not Sow…We Shop!: Top Geek Chic Items for Game of Thrones Fans

Season 3 of Game of Thrones is here and being awesome! The continued popularity and success of the HBO series’ adaptation of the Song of Ice and Fire books means we continue to get fantastic merchandise for book and TV fans to enjoy.

GoTDragonNecklace IceFireCollection

Whether it’s jewelry, home/office decor, clothing, or even makeup, GoT merchandise just gets better! We’ve rounded up our current favorites to be found from both fanmade and licensed sources.

Licensed Items

Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Paperweight


Game of Thrones Stark Pendant


Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Necklace


Game of Thrones House Sigil Stone Coaster Set


Game of Thrones Hand of the King Pin Replica


Game of Thrones Stark Shield Pin


Game of Thrones Littlefinger Mockingbird Pin

While pins like these are traditionally something men might wear on their lapels or even ties, there’s no reason we ladies can’t as well! These pins are the perfect way to add a bit of subtle geekery to an otherwise regular outfit.


Game of Thrones Stark Direwolf Bookends


Game of Thrones Scarves

These ThinkGeek scarves are my favored recommendation over the HBO Scarves, as the HBO scarves aren’t nearly as stylish with their blatant “GAME OF THRONES” logo text under the House names.

Fanmade Items


The Collection of Ice and Fire


Win or Die Eyeshadows

That’s right, your eyes, or rather eyelids, do not deceive you! These are two amazing collections of Game of Thrones inspired eyeshadows from two different geeky companies! Espionage Cosmetics and Geek Chic Cosmetics are the leaders in geeky eyeshadows, and the best part is how uniquely different their GoT collections are. Geek Chic Cosmetics “Win or Die” collection is currently their Set of the Month, which means they’re HALF OFF until May! A perfect time to sample their wares and get yourself some amazingly geeky eyeshadows.


Game of Thrones World Map Infinity Scarf


House Sigil Cookie Cutters


Game of Thrones World Map Skirt


House Targaryen Heels

What’s your favorite GoT/SoIaF related item in your wardrobe or home? We’d love to see it! Are there any items you’re eagerly waiting to see made, like more themed jewelry or accessories? I’d love to see O.P.I. come out with a nail polish line.

(All images obtained from their respective websites)

(Disclaimer: Set to Stunning is not responsible for the quality of merchandise or your satisfaction. We have no affiliation or connection to HBO, ThinkGeek, Etsy, Espionage Cosmetics, or Geek Chic Cosmetics, and are not compensated for our recommendations or reviews.)

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