Geek Chic in Japan

You may have noticed some irregularity to our posts recently, and part of that was due to me being Japan for the last week and a half to checkout the sites and cherry blossoms. Of course, I couldn’t pass by the opportunity to check out some of the geek chic items they had to offer while over there!

image_16 image_28 image_27 image_20

By far, the biggest thing I noticed were the numerous amounts of phone peripherals you could use to geek out your phone. From covers to chargers to decor, it was hard to find something you couldn’t use to make your phone fab.

image_5 image_3

image_29 image_1

image_2  image_21

image_19 image_22

image_6 image_25

After that came clothes, bags, and jewelry!

image_28 image_27

image_11 image_17

image_12 image_13


image_15 image_31

I also found these great journals and schedules.

image_7 image_9  image_10

Of course, I couldn’t leave without grabbing a few things for myself.

photo(75)Batman, big surprise!

I wish I had time to check out more stores, but since I wasn’t super familiar with the area, I just took photos of what I saw. Any Japanese readers have any good spots for geeky goods for the next time I’m out there? If you can’t visit Japan yourself, there are always options like Border’s or Aimerfeel that carry geeky stuff on occasion. As always, we’ll let you know if we find something truly spectacular!

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