Hawkeye Picks of the Week, Okay, Bro?

So after a fairly eventful last few weeks, I finally had the opportunity to catch up on some comics. One of the books I picked up was the new Hawkeye series. And HOLY CRAP I’m in love. I wasn’t really much of a fan to begin with, but both the story (pizza dog!) and art style has won me over. So I’m dedicating this post to all things Hawkeye!



Hawkeye 11×18 Minimalist Poster, by LiltDesignCompany


Hawkeye Infinity Scarf, by kimfinityscarves


Hawkeye Messenger Bag, by dexlarprice


Hawkeye Comic Sneakers, by Moonlightdecorator


Hawkeye Symbol Bronze Pendant, by MinimalistLover


Team Hawkguy Arrow Bracelet, by POPproducts


Hawkeye Inspired Arrow and Bullseye Earrings, by HoraEffect

Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly, I didn’t find much in the way of official merchandise for Hawkeye. I did find some shirts by We Love Fine:

hawkeye-splatter-target i-heart-hawkeyehawkeye-3

But if I’m being honest, I would love to have some slouchy tanks or shirts to show off my Hawkeye love. I’m thinking a DIY might be in order! Any of you reading Hawkeye right now? Which is your favorite item featured above? I’m thinking I may pick up that Arrow bracelet or infinity scarf…

(images obtained from Etsy and We Love Fine)

(Disclaimer: Set to Stunning is not responsible for the quality of merchandise or your satisfaction. We have no personal experience with the merchandise or the sellers. Selection of items for this post is based purely on information presented on Etsy.)

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