Stylish DC & Gamer Clutch Wallets and Star Wars Card Holders


I love geek-themed clutch wallets and business card holders because they’re a small and simple way to express your geeky self if you don’t want to express it in a larger fashion like through a purse or an entire outfit.

thinkgeekcarbonitecardSuperman Clutch

Check out some of these incredibly stylish, chic, and fun geek-themed clutches and wallets from the likes of Kotobukiya, Think Geek, DC Comics, and Nintendo!

Koto ArtooKoto ThreepioKoto Carbonite

R2-D2, C-3PO, and Han in Carbonite Business Card Holders


Han Solo in Carbonite Business Card Holder

Batman Clutch

Batman Logo Glitter Hinge Wallet

Batphone Clutch

Batman Smart Phone Wallet

S clutch

Superman Logo Hinge Wallet

Superman Clutch

Superman Embossed Clutch Wallet

WW Clutch

Wonder Woman Hinge Wallet

Wonder Woman Clutch

Wonder Woman Clutch Purse

Nintedo Clutch

Nintendo Controller Pad Clutch Wallet

I picked up the Artoo business card holder at Star Wars Celebration last August. I get complimented on it all the time. Artoo translates so perfectly into the design of a business card holder! I can’t wait to pick up the Think Geek Han in Carbonite one sometime soon. And I’m sure that Nintendo clutch is the perfect accessory to a Black Milk Gamer dress!

Do you own any of these pieces, or are there any we missed that you would recommend? Share with us here on our blog, or on Facebook or Twitter!

(All images obtained from their respective websites)

(Disclaimer: Set to Stunning is not responsible for the quality of merchandise or your satisfaction. We have no affiliation or connection to Kotobukiya, Hot Topic, DC Comics, Think Geek, or Lucasfilm, and are not compensated for our recommendations or reviews.)

One comment on “Stylish DC & Gamer Clutch Wallets and Star Wars Card Holders

  1. Nicole E. says:

    Was looking for a cool geeky wallet at a con this weekend- you ladies rock 🙂

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