Etsy Top Picks for Valentine’s Day

Looking for something extra special and unique for Valentine’s Day? Then Etsy is your solution! You’re always sure to find a special, sometimes one of a kind creation for the geek in your life there.


We’ve gone through and selected some items we think would make ideal gifts for the holiday if you’re still scrambling on what to get.


Joker and Harley Necklace, by PicMeAlwaysDesigns


Laser Cut Batman Earrings, by LaserCutJewelry


Harley Quinn w/ Ivy or Joker Necklace, by CoffinRockShop


Sonic Screwdriver (4th Doctor) Necklace, by UrbanIndustries


Spiderman Resin Hearth Necklace, by StrangeWorksByJRM


Arc Reactor Necklace, by LaserCute


Sailor Moon Acrylic Necklace, by Ge3kedUp


Gallifrey Quote Necklace (reads “I Love You”), by LuLusBobbins


Batman and Robin Friendship Necklaces, by LaserCutJewelry


Comic Book Flower Bouquet, by QtsyThings


Darth Vader Bling Necklace, by Windsday



8-bit Heart Bracelet, by BrokenClayPots



Portal Companion Cube Necklace, by Milkool


Zelda Heart Piece Friendship Necklace Set, by GeekOUTlet

Be sure to click on the seller’s name to check out what other items they might have available. And don’t forget to peruse our previous Etsy posts (like this one and this one)! While not all the items may be available anymore, you can stick check out the seller’s page to see if they’ve listed similar items recently.

(All image obtained from Etsy and belong to their respective owners)

(Disclaimer: Set to Stunning is not responsible for the quality of merchandise or your satisfaction. We have no personal experience with the merchandise or the sellers. Selection of items for this post is based purely on information presented on the seller websites.)

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