Black Milk: Free Shipping in November!


You read it correctly, Black Milk is offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders for the month of November!

This is pretty significant news and quite a treat as Black Milk rarely offers deals of any sort, and when they do, they happen at random.

So if you’ve been on the fence about picking up something from their phenomenal (and licensed!) Star Wars collection, NOW IS THE TIME.

And don’t forget their other delightful geek-themed items, like the Who dress and leggings, or their Gamer dress.

Happy Nomming!

One comment on “Black Milk: Free Shipping in November!

  1. Lindsay ONeal says:

    Agree its a good deal for blackmilk but I just purchased Galaxy Leggings extremely similar the Black Milk ones I had been drooling over for $56 at They were on sale but I’ve been back and it seems they have different sale items each week.

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