Luke, There Is…Another Black Milk Star Wars Release!

Black Milk started small, but strong, with the first release of their Star Wars collection earlier this month. They’re keeping the momentum up, moving right along with their second release, which they’ve dubbed The Emperor Strikes Back.

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Dress Up Your Wardrobe with these Geek Chic Suggestions


A fun trend I’ve seen popping up are tunic tanks or tank dresses that also have a little geek flair along with them. Halloween has definitely helped to inspire this look for a quick costume, but I also think that a lot of these designs would look great with some chic layering and accessories. Here are some of my favorite looks from around the web.

Now it’s no secret that we love Black Milk Clothing here on Set to Stunning, but with designs like these, honestly, what’s not to love?

Woman in Red & Police Box

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DIY Friday: Carved Craft Pumpkin


Halloween is almost here and there should be lots of fun costume parties this weekend. If you haven’t carved your pumpkin yet, or are looking to add more to your decorations, it’s never too late! Especially when it comes to a fun and simple DIY like this.

Craft pumpkins are THE way to go these days when it comes to carving your pumpkin. Not only will they last forever, they’re inexpensive and have none of the messy goop to deal with. Though I do love fresh baked and salted pumpkin seeds…
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Stunning Style: Look #17


While I generally like to stay away from standard t-shirts and graphics like this in favor of of more artistic designs and flattering top shapes, you can never really go wrong with a t-shirt. There are many ways to start with a t-shirt and add layers or accessories to make your overall look more stylish.

Paring a shirt like this with a pair of fitted jeans, cute heels and an adorable bag make for a fun, stylish and casually chic ensemble.

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Be Polished from Hand to Toe, Part Two


In our last post, we covered the various licensed polished that you can get your mitts on. This time, we’re going to take a look at some polishes that are fan made and offer some great geeky goodness.

Rainbow Honey makes custom blended laquers. The Equestria collection is inspired by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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Be Polished from Hand to Toe, Part One


One of the easiest ways to add some subtle geek into your everyday look is nail polish. Luckily, both companies and fans have picked up on this trend and there are more and more options to show off your geek side. Since there are so many options, we’ve decided to split this topic into two posts. Today we’ll be taking a look at great licensed options to deck out your nails.

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